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Licensing FAQs RTR's FrontPage Server Extensions 2002 for IIS 8.5, IIS 8 and IIS 7.5

  • Where do I start?

    There are several main parts to installing and running the RTR FPSE.

    • The RTR FrontPage Server Extensions for IIS 8.5, IIS 8 and IIS 7.5 require a license to function.
    • For a Floating license, the RTR License Server (rlm.exe) must be running on a physical Windows machine.
    • The RTR FPSE needs to be able to talk to the license server.
    • For a Floating license, the RTR FPSE license must be in the same location as the RTR License Server program.
    • RTR FrontPage Server Extensions installation requires using the server native administrator account, user name: Administrator. They won't work otherwise.
    • Configure the RTR FrontPage Server Extensions server license file.

  • When I press the extend link I get 'Please wait while your changes are processed.' but nothing happens?

    This may be due to not having a license server running.  Please visit R2rlm.htm for information concerning the RTR License Server.

  • Is there an evaluation license?

    Yes, there are 2 types of evaluation licenses

    • Floating evaluation license valid for 30 days
    • Hosted evaluation license valid for 12 hours and renewable (for shorter time periods)
    • Evaluation license are available at the RTR FrontPage Server Extensions shopping cart. and are valid for up to 4 sites with a maximum of 25 subwebs per site.

  • How are RTR FrontPage Server Extensions licenses priced?

    The RTR FPSE  license is priced on a per site and per maximum number of subwebs required basis and is available as a floating or node-locked license.

  • Is PayPal the only way to pay for licenses?

    You may use PayPal or an accepted major credit card to purchase licenses online.  If you want to pay for licenses using a Purchase Order / check, please .

  • Why would I choose a floating license?

    The floating license:

    • Requires a license server (rlm.exe) to be running on a physical machine
    • Is not required to be on the same machine as the IIS server and the FrontPage Server Extensions
    • Allows installation and use of the RTR FrontPage Server Extensions on virtual machines
    • Allows the sites from a single license to be parceled out to multiple IIS servers and FrontPage Server Extensions
    • Is placed in the same directory as license server (rlm.exe) before the license server is started
  • Why would I choose a node-locked license?

    The node-locked license:

    • Does not require the license server (rlm.exe)
    • Must be on the same physical machine with IIS server and FrontPage Server Extensions
    • Will not function on a virtual machine
    • Is placed in the c:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\50 directory of the machine where IIS and the RTR FrontPage Server Extensions run
  • Why would I choose a hosted license?

    The hosted license:

    • Does not require the license server (rlm.exe)
    • Will function on both a virtual and physical machine
    • The hosted license includes Failover capability
  • Can I upgrade my RTR FPSE license?

    Yes, you can change the number of sites and subwebs to upgrade/reconfigure your license.

  • Can I upgrade my floating or hosted license to a node-locked license?

    No, license upgrades across license types is not supported. This means that:

    • Floating licenses may not be upgraded/reconfigured to a node-locked or hosted license.
    • Node-locked licenses may not be upgraded/reconfigured to a hosted or floating license.
  • I lost or did not receive the mail message that contains my license; can I get a copy?

    Yes, visit the license retrieval page, enter your HostId, hit the "Download Product" button, and you will download a new copy of your license.

  • Is there more information on licenses?

    Yes, visit the License Information page for full details on RTR FrontPage Server Extensions licensing.

  • How do I install my license?

    Visit the RTR FrontPage Server Extensions for IIS 7.5 FrontPage, and click on the "Follow these instructions" section most applicable to your situation.

  • How do I run the license server (rlm.exe) program?

    On the license server machine:

    1. Open a cmd window
    2. Navigate to location of the rlm.exe program and your license file
    3. Enter rlm.exe on the command line and press return
  • Can I run the license server as a service on Windows?

    Yes. On Microsoft Windows servers, you may want to install and run the License Server as a Windows service process.  A service process can start automatically at boot time and remain running as long as the system is up, regardless of user logins and logouts.

    The easiest way to install the rlm.exe as a service is to use the RLM web interface: choose the "Manage Windows Service" menu option, verify/tweak the parameters, then hit apply.  In order to do this you must have run rlm.exe with administrative rights.

    Once installed as a service, it remains installed until it is explicitly deleted as a service.  The RLM web interface does not allow you to delete the service when the service is running, and the RLM command line interface merely marks the service as disabled.  Therefore, to fully delete the service from the system, use the "sc delete rlm" command from a command window with administrative privleges.

    Note: Installing RLM as a service does not start the service, although it marks it as "automatic" meaning it will be automatically started after a reboot.  To start the RLM service without rebooting, exit the rlm.exe command line program and either start the RLM service using the Windows Services control panel, or run the command "net start RLM".

  • How do I access the license server administration (RLM) web interface?

    First, start the license server, then open a web browser and enter http://server_name:5054 on the address line to access the RLM web interface (http://localhost:5054 will work if your browser is on the same machine as the license server).

  • I have a DMZ or other firewall concerns; so what ports does the license server use?

    The license server uses the following TCP ports:

    • 5054 - RLM web interface; this port does not need to be accessed by the machines running the RTR FrontPage Server Extensions.  In fact, this port does not have to be available to any other machine - it is your choice where to provide access to the RLM web interface.  Furthermore, because the RLM web interface is not password-protected, you will most likely want to restrict access to the RLM web interface using your firewall, or disable it by running rlm.exe with the "-nows" option, or checking the "Admin webserver disabled" box when installing the RLM service.
    • 5053 - RLM license server main port.  This must be visible to the machine running the RTR FPSE.
    • 5052 - RLM license server FPSE port.  This must be visible to the machine running the RTR FPSE.
  • I keep getting "no licenses available" errors after rebooting.  What is going on and how can I fix that?

    This is a known limitation of the RTR FrontPage Server Extensions floating licensing; after rebooting, the licenses are locked for one hour.  To free the licenses up sooner, after rebooting the machine that hosts the RTR FrontPage Server Extensions you should restart the RLM license server.

  • My web server is getting overloaded.  Can I split up my sites and move some to a different server and still use my existing RTR FrontPage Server Extensions license?

    Yes - as long as your license is a floating license.  Copy the sites to your new sever, delete them from  your old server, install the RTR FrontPage Server Extensions on the new machine, and point the C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\50\rtrfpse.lic at your existing license server.  The license server will parcel out your site licenses to the old and new servers.

  • Can I have two license servers on two different physical servers?

    Yes - you can have two license servers on two physical servers, each one serving its own compliment of licenses.

  • I'm already running a Reprise license server for other software. Can I use my existing license server to serve the RTR FrontPage Server Extensions?

    Yes - as long as your license server is version 9.1.3 or later, you can use it, even if it is running under a Linux or Mac OS.

  • Where can I get additional information about the license server?

    Additional information about the license server is available at the Reprise Software Support for End Users page; this page contains a manual, FAQs, and troubleshooting tips.

  • Is there a way of configuring a failover license server?

    Yes, a failover license server is possible. Please refer to the Reprise RLM End-User Manual, where you will find information concerning a Failover License Server as well as a wealth of additional information about licenses and the License Server.

    Failover licenses are available for a $25 flat fee.  Failover licenses will soon be available from the shopping cart, and more details will appear here soon.  In the interim, if you need more details or want to buy a failover license, please .

  • My machine died.  Can I get a license for my new machine?

    Your license is locked to a machine and is not refundable.  If your machine dies and you need to get a new license for your new machine, .  We will evaluate requests on a case-by-case basis.

  • I'm looking for FrontPage Server Extensions for Windows Server 2008 (Code Name "Longhorn", original release) or Windows Vista.  Will the RTR FrontPage Server Extensions work on those operating systems?

    No.  Please download them from the FrontPage 2002 Server Extensions for IIS 7.0 page at Microsoft's website.

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